Cellglo Blanc Pur 百宝龙 (7g x 30 sachets)

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Key Benefits:

  • Accelerate skin metabolism and anti aging
  • Shrink pores and reduce wrinkles
  • Enhance skin regenerative capacity
  • Metabolism of melanin deposited on the skin
  • Whitening, moisturising and firming skin
  • Lighten dark spots, freckles and age spots
  • Reduce dry skin and uneven skin pores
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Cellglo Blanc Pur – Advanced, Safe and Effective Skin Whitening Drink

Cellglo Blanc Pur is developed by a group of French Bio-chemist experts after years of research in France. Completely made from safe, high-quality, pure and natural fruits and plants extracted using hydro-extraction advanced technology from France. Blanc Pur can be effectively absorbed by the body to maximize its effects can instantly restore young and lustrous skin to your whole body in just 31 days. Cellglò Blanc Pur is clinically tested to moisturize, rejuvenate, protect and also whitening your skin with remarkable results and no side effects. Specially designed for recovery on all types of skin problems. Blanc Pur is more than just an advanced natural daily drink for skin whitening, it is a special youth-preserving formula combining the most effective skin whitening natural ingredients.
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You can read more about Cellglo Blanc Pur here

We recommend 3 boxes for one cycle of treatment. You can check it out here

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1 review for Cellglo Blanc Pur 百宝龙 (7g x 30 sachets)

  1. Felicia

    Good product.

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